Climate and Environmental Change

The influencing factors of urban land expansion in Changsha

  • College of Science of Resource &|Environment Science, Hunan Normal University, Changsha 410081, China

Received date: 2007-05-15

  Revised date: 2007-07-18

  Online published: 2007-12-25

Supported by

Foundation of Education Department in Hunan Province, No.05C451


This research systematically analyses land-use map of Changsha city in different periods of time. The spatial form and structural evolution was analysed by studying indices such as city land-use structure proportion, expansion intensity, economic flexibility, population flexibility, changing compactness index and so on. The dynamic mechanism of urban land expansion has been discussed by integrating the regional social economy development situation and many aspects such as the physiographical surrounding, population and eco-nomic development, traffic infrastructure, planning and regional development tactic and system innovation. The research indicates that the urban land expansion speed and intensity have steadily increased in Changsha from 1949 to 2004. The expansion form has been from a single external expansion to a combination form of external and internal expansion, from a circular or linear continuous form to a blocky or agglomeration shape. Overall, the urban land expansion of Changsha city is a phasic, diversified and complex process. And no matter what the stage is, it is an organic system containing multiple speed, pattern and shape, which are driven by multiple impetuses. The dominant feature at different stages was highlighted be-cause of the balance and fluctuation between different forces, and the existing urban land border and shape have resulted from the joint efforts of these phasic forces.

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ZHOU Guohua, HE Yanhua . The influencing factors of urban land expansion in Changsha[J]. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2007 , 17(4) : 487 -499 . DOI: 10.1007/s11442-007-0487-x