Journal of Geographical Sciences ›› 2013, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (2): 195-207.doi: 10.1007/s11442-013-1003-0

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Modeled effects of climate change on actual evapotranspiration in different eco-geographical regions in the Tibetan Plateau

YIN Yunhe, WU Shaohong, ZHAO Dongsheng, ZHENG Du, PAN Tao   

  1. Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,CAS,Beijing 100101,China
  • Received:2012-09-18 Revised:2012-10-17 Online:2013-02-20 Published:2013-02-20


From 1981 to 2010,the effects of climate change on evapotranspiration of the alpine ecosystem and the regional difference of effects in the Tibetan Plateau(TP)were studied based on the Lund-Potsdam-Jena dynamic vegetation model and data from 80 meteorological stations.Changes in actual evapotranspiration(AET)and water balance in TP were analyzed.Over the last 30 years,climate change in TP was characterized by sig- nificantly increased temperature,slightly increased precipitation,and decreased potential evapotranspiration(PET),which was significant before 2000.AET exhibited increasing trends in most parts of TP.The difference between precipitation and AET decreased in the south- eastern plateau and increased in the northwestern plateau.A decrease in atmospheric water demand will lead to a decreased trend in AET.However,AET in most regions increased be- cause of increased precipitation.Increased precipitation was observed in 86%of the areas with increased AET,whereas decreased precipitation was observed in 73%of the areas with decreased AET.

Key words: evapotranspiration, LPJ model, climate change, Tibetan Plateau